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Sports Radar SR-3600 Speed Gun

Sports Radar SR-3600 Speed Gun

    Sports Radar SR-3600 Speed Gun
  • Sports Radar SR-3600 Speed Gun
One of the world’s most precise speed guns; the SR-3600 can accurately read speeds of up to 250mph. The ultimate training tool for any professional player, coach, or club.
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Sports Radar SR-3600 Speed Gun

The SR-3600 is regarded as one of the world’s best speed guns, capable of detecting the speed of nearly any moving object quickly and accurately.

    Product Features:
  • MPH OR KM/H Display Option).
  • +/- Accuracy: +/- 3% plus 1 MPH or 1 Km/h.
  • Speed Range: 10 – 250 mph/ 16 – 402 km/h).
  • Target Range: Normally dependent on target size, but typical range for balls is up to 40ft.
  • Trigger or Continuous Mode options.
  • Operates on 2 x standard 9V alkaline Batteries.
  • Battery Life: Continuous Use – 2-4 hours approx, Trigger Mode – 20 hours approx.
  • External Power: 6VDC Plug in transformer 300mA(min), 2.1mm plug, centre negative.
  • Tripod Mount feature included.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Weight: 0.85lb exc. batteries.

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Sports Radar SR-3600 Speed Gun

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Sports Radar SR-3600 Speed Gun

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