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Tennis Ball Machines

Net World Tennis UK now boasts a range of modern, state-of-the-art Tennis Ball Machines, the ultimate companion for players of all abilities & ages. Near fully customisable and easily portable, our machines can deliver fingertip control of ball speed, ball trajectory, and even include the latest player simulation technology. Ideal for independent players on the go, you're the master of your own destiny. Mains & Battery operated machines in stock.
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  1. Tennis Twist | Tennis Tutor | Tennis Ball Machine | Net World Tennis

    Tennis Twist



    The Tennis Twist’s simple operation and compact, light-weight size makes it the perfect first ball machine for beginners. More Info
  2. Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine | Cheap Tennis Ball Machines | Tennis Ball Launchers | Net World Sports

    Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine



    The Baseliner Slam is the ultimate home tennis court machine on the market. It combines essential tennis training features & player simulation with an incredible, low-cost price. More Info
  3. Tennis Tutor

    Tennis Tutor



    Undisputedly one the world's best tennis ball machines; the Tennis Tutor is perfect for beginners and capable of challenging top-level players. More Info
  4. Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube

    Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube



    The Tennis Cube is the smallest, most compact, ultra-lightweight tennis ball machine in the Tennis Tutor family. Ideal for beginner and intermediate players. More Info
  5. Tennis Tutor ProLite Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Machine | Tennis Ball Launcher | Net World Tennis | Net World Sports

    Tennis Tutor ProLite



    The Tennis Tutor ProLite; it's in the name. An unbelievably lightweight & compact ball machine great for players on the go! Ideal for beginners and top-level amateurs. More Info
  6. Tennis Tutor Plus

    Tennis Tutor Plus



    Capable of advanced topspin and underspin abilities, and boasting a functional Elevation display, the Tennis Tutor Plus will raise any player’s game. More Info
  7. Tennis Tutor Plus Player

    Tennis Tutor Plus Player



    The ultimate player-simulation tennis ball machine on the market. Suitable for beginners but perfect for advanced players looking for a real test of their abilities. More Info
  8. Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine

    Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine (Optional Accessories)


    Set the Tennis court alight with the help of the SpinFire Pro 1. More Info
  9. Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

    Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine + Wireless Remote (Optional Accessories)


    Can you handle the heat of Spinfire's Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine? Complete with wireless remote, you can dictate power, precision, and topspin levels with the push of a button. More Info
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