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Grand Slam quality tennis equipment

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Special selection of our highest quality products on offer right now.

As the ascendancy of the tennis season approaches, we are offering some of our highest quality equipment at discount prices for a limited time only. These items include the 3.5mm double top tennis net, which is the highest rated of its kind, as well as professional tennis court equipment such as our square tennis posts and tennis net centre strap, designed especially for the very best tennis courts.

Products on sale for a limited time only!

For more information about our products on offer please call us on 01691 683807

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  1. Tennis Court Windbreak | Tennis Court Windscreens | Privacy Screens | Net World Tennis

    Tennis Court Windbreaks - Range of Sizes & Colours



    Premium Quality 2m High Tennis Windbreak Screens in 12m and 18m widths. Available in Dark Green or Black. 24hr Shipping. More Info
  2. Tennis Net Centre Strap

    Tennis Net Centre Strap



    Tennis net strap height adjuster. Canvas strap & buckle. More Info
  3. 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net | Tennis Nets | Doubles Tennis | Net World Sports

    Vermont Tennis Net - 3.5mm Double Top Championship Net (10kg)



    Major Championship Standard Tennis Court Net. Braided 3.5mm DT tennis net that's featured at the US Open, Australian Open, & Wimbledon. Choice of headband class. More Info
  4. Vermont Tennis Net - 2.0mm Net [4KG]

    Vermont Tennis Net - 2.0mm Net [4KG]



    Economy tennis net for leisure & recreation. 2.0mm tennis net. More Info
  5. Square Tennis Posts | Tennis Net Posts | Tennis Court Posts | Net World Tennis UK

    Vermont Square Tennis Posts



    Professional square tennis court posts. Socketed tennis posts. More Info
  6. Tennis Centre Strap Ground Anchor | Net World Tennis UK

    Tennis Centre Strap Ground Anchor Socket



    Tennis net ground anchor sockets. Fixing point for tennis net strap. More Info
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